Church Planting

We believe that God’s vision for Faith is the same as it was for the first century church – to plant churches that grow disciples who plant churches. We continue to live into this vision by coming alongside new churches in and outside our community! These are a few of the new churches that we currently champion:

Salt in Normal, IL began meeting in the late summer of 2022 with the mission of faithfully preaching the gospel, making disciples, and worshiping God. Their college ministry, Salt Company, is the focus. We began spending time with Caleb and Emma Fruhling during the summer of 2022, shortly after they moved to the area. Learn More

Covenant Reformed Baptist in Decatur, IL began with a home Bible study and a conviction to make the finished work of Christ the focal point in theology, worship, and practice. Kendall Oliver (son-in-law of Faith Partners Jeff and Kerry Vallender) is the pastor. Learn More

St. Martin Lutheran in Atlanta, GA is centered on the Gospel of Jesus Christ, animated by missions and evangelism and grounded in the 2,000-year tradition of Christian faith. They gather in the sanctuary of a preparatory school to worship, learn, and serve. Learn More

Hope for Diber in Peshkopi, Albania founded in 2021 by Dan and Dawn Hall, SON Missionaries (and Faith Partners Sam and Jeanette Douglass’ son-in-law and daughter). The organization establishes Christian outreach centers in rural villages to teach English, lead Bible study and worship, and build relationships that open people to the Gospel. Their goal is “to plant healthy, growing churches in every city and village of Diber and beyond…” Learn More

The Fellowship at Cana is a new church plant now associated with Lutheran Congregations in Mission for Christ (LCMC). The Fellowship began with small group meetings and worship during the summer of 2022. They are following the call of the Holy Spirit to grow disciples of Jesus Christ!


Through prayer, provision (financial and otherwise), and relationship, we’re working together to plant churches that grow disciples who plant churches!

If you are interested in learning more about church planting email [email protected]. If you are a part of a new church plant or are prayerfully considering planting a church, please email [email protected]


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